Do you want to improve someone’s life in a real and meaningful way? Is it important to you to create a better future for people in your community? Your Donations are what gives us the resourced to make a difference in the lives of those who are at risk to or have already fallen victim to opiate addiction. This affliction strikes men and women almost equally, across all demographics of society, in all socioeconomic groups and all ages from 12 years young and up.

Cash is always the preferred donation types because it can be utilized for all things but in many cases material donations can be a bonus for your company if we can use the product or service your company provides. Your company is allowed to claim the retail value of your donation and have the satisfaction of knowing your donation went directly to the use/cause of the charity and not for the salaries and operating expenses of our Charity.

We are also looking for skilled and Proven Corporate Professionals, Counselors, Speakers and college students to help staff our offices, programs and road shows with the donation of your time and talents.

Our Values

Integrity – We are honest, transparent, and accountable in our decisions and actions.
Stewardship – We commit to being socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible with community resources.
Innovation – We continuously learn, embracing creativity and change.
Excellence – We continuously improve and deliver high value results.
Respect – We treat each other with dignity and fairness, value diversity, and commit to a safe environment.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner or professional organization or Greek fraternity, your partnership can help us achieve our goals of prevention when we can and treatment for those already addicted to opiates.


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