Do you want to improve someone’s life in a real and meaningful way? Is it important to you to create a better future for people in your community? Your Donations are what gives us the resourced to make a difference in […]

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Who We Are

The Stop Popping Foundation was created in conjunction with the Stop Popping Project, to assist in the creation and distribution of the Stop Popping message and to help those who have become victims of Opiates. Recreational use of prescription drugs […]

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About Us

The Stop Popping Foundation and the Stop Popping Project were conceived in March 2015 and was put into motion in June of that same year when both Roger Bouwman and Dustin Nordby lost friends to this epidemic and vowed to […]

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Photo Album

We have included several of our photo Albums for you to browse. We have included photos from articles posted under our news section as well as the images from our many live events and appearances.

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The Stop Popping Foundation INC. is an Anti-Opiate & Prescription drug abuse awareness program that tours in the Jr & Sr High Schools, Colleges & for Corporate Clients.
Our program is designed to emotionally kick in the doors of today’s young adults. We show them the dangers of Opiates, the Harsh Real World struggles of Addiction & Withdrawal that many people unwillingly face. But most importantly we show them just how close to home opiate abuse already is.
Our Program also works to assist those addicts who fall through the cracks of today’s health care system because they have the wrong insurance, no insurance or because the system does not recognize them & their 15 to 25 pills a day as having a serious enough addiction to need assistance.
Our founders have spoken before the Governors task force on Opiate Addiction in Lansing Michigan back in May of 2015 & will be speaking in front of each states administration on a regular basis.
We’re currently filling our schedule & have one of our associates waiting for your call!
Help us bring the truth to those at risk in your community & to bring a remedy to those who have already fallen victim of Opium’s deathly grip. Call Now!